180: Life Sucks Because You Do

        People want and want and want. They want to lose weight, make more money, and just be happier. Do you know why life sucks for people? Sucks, meaning you're not getting what you want, you're unfulfilled, [...]

March 16, 2018|

179: Lawsuits, Love, And Letting Go

        I am thankful for the lawsuit. It presented the opportunity, as opposed to being a victim, to see the gift in the situation in order to make sure I am protected in all fronts in [...]

March 15, 2018|

How to Overcome Fear and Doubt to Get Into Fast and Furious Action

I did a live class on overcoming fear and doubt so you could finally get into Fast and Furious Action. Too often we put off doing what is necessary and required and in this live class we completely destroy any [...]

March 14, 2018|