200: The Past, Present, and Future

    Imagine three filing cabinets. One is the future, one the present, and one the past. What powerful people do when a bad thing happens is they file it in the past; it does not exist in the [...]

June 11, 2018|

199: A Direct No Is Extremely Kind And Polite

    The direct no, in any form, is powerful. There are two different universes. Both are right. You need to be clear on the life you want to have. Be clear about how you protect your time. If [...]

May 31, 2018|

198: Seven Days, 30 Seconds, Or You Will Go Blind

    Getting clear instructions means you need to follow through. Follow the instructions, or it will become costly if you don't. If you listen in the first place, the consequences can be avoided. In all areas of your [...]

May 30, 2018|