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Shield Maiden Live

The most elite training for breakthrough, results and power for women who desire ultimate prosperity in their business, body, marriage & family.

Watch the documentary now & apply for your spot today.

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The Book

The story of a passive Polynesian kid from Utah who became an All-American, made the pros, won a Super Bowl, got hurt and lost it all… then rose again to achieve success deeper than any scoreboard and a prize far beyond rings and trophies.

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Don’t mistake Setema for a “motivational speaker.” He’s there to get the work done… the work of breaking down old barriers, blowing up impotent stories and weak results, and rocketing your organization or conference to new levels of clarity, perspective, purpose and power. 

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Everything you’ve ever dreamed of having in life hides behind two words – “fully committed.” If you’re committed to a future of abundance, purpose and prosperity investing in a truly world-class coach is the fastest and surest path to getting you from wherever you are to exactly where you want to be. Setema coaches top-level executives and entrepreneurs to breakthrough levels of impact, income and wealth.

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About Setema

  • World’s Greatest Coach For the Highly Committed
  • The Reverend Of The Revolution
  • Husband and Father
  • Mentor to Entrepreneurs & Executives
  • Speaker/Trainer
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Super Bowl Champion